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Michael Bowen, The Day After, 1963. Belongs to The University in Agder


27 October 2018 - 16 January 2019

Galleri F 15 takes an art-historical look back at a less familiar art direction in American postwar history. Beat art took on several formal expressions, but an expressive and vital image expression was characteristic, usually executed in the materials the artists had at hand. The formats were often large and heroic, like the East Coast´s more famous abstract expressionism. The Beat culture (which included artists, writers, musicians and bohemians) was a rebel movement that challenged the expressions of freedom of speech and questioned the values of the American post-war community.

The artworks in this exhibition are on loan from the Wennesland Collection in Kristiansand, the University of Agder and Kristiansand Cathedral School.

Curator: Maria Claussen Havstam. Co-Curatos: Anja Bjørshol og Guro Dyvesveen