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Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror, 2006. Rustfritt stål.  Diameter 10 m. Kensington Gardens, 2010-11.  Foto: Dave Morgan. Tilhører kunstneren og Gladstone Gallery.  © Anish Kapoor, 2018

Anish Kapoor. Space and Place - the experience of spirituality

30 June- 14 October

summer of 2018, a comprehensive solo exhibition of Kapoor´s works will be presented at Galleri F 15, including key works from his artistic production from the 1980s until today. Anish Kapoor uses materials such as granite, marble, limestone, plaster, pigment, red wax and polished stainless steel. Through drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, he explores the artworks´ affective nature.

This exhibition brings together sculptures made through-out Kapoor’s career, from a diversity of material and formal languages the artist uses in his work.

For the exhibition, the sculpture Sky Mirror will be placed in the baroque garden in front of the main building of Galleri F 15. The sculpture - a large curved mirror - reflects the sky and the cloud, pointing to the elements of water and air. The presence of the volatile is reinforced, allowing contact with the sacred and spiritual.

Curators: Dag Aak Sveinar and Alnoor Mitha - FRSA Senior Research Fellow (Asian Cultures)

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Tendenser 2018 - Give It time

24 March - 17 June

In this edition of the exhibition series Tendenser, the different ways in which crafts are experienced in relation to time is being explored. The attention is directed towards the artist´s lifestyle, daily rhythm, spontaneous creation in the moment and in the planned process. The exhibition focuses on the process, the experience of creating, and the complexity of practicing skilled crafts in a challenging economic environment.

Artists: Aslaug M. Juliussen (NO), Felieke van der Leest (NL), Jenny Nordberg (SE), Kari Steihaug (NO), Karin Roy Andersson (SE), Mikkel Wettre (NO), Silo Studio (UK), Sissi Westerberg / Daniel Peltz (SE / US), Sonja Löfgren (FI), Sophie Hanagarth (FR)

Curator: Dr. Stephen Knott

Co-kurator: Maria Claussen Havstam


Anna Daniell, Podium


27 Januay - 7 March 2018

In REPEAT.FORWARD six young artists who explore abstract and material-based expressions through different mediums are presented. The possibilities and limitations of painting, sculpture, and sound art is being tested at a time where no discipline has any advantage above another. The art is created in a contemporary context, but reflects upon signs and codes from modern art history.

Through different expressions related to content and material compositions, works which have art historical references to modernism´s abstract expressionism, naivism, surrealism and minimalism, are on display. New liberating questions about sensual recognition and the objects´ condition are incorporated in the artistic process, as a way out of postmodernism´s language play against a visual turn, where close contact with materials, matter and the object are given attention.


Curator: Maria C. Havstam. Co-curators: Anja Bjørshol, Guro Dyvesveen and Dag Aak Sveinar

Michael Bowen, The Day After, 1963. Belongs to The University in Agder


27 October - 16 January

Through this exhibition, Galleri F 15 takes an art-historical look back at a less familiar art direction in American postwar history. Beat art took on several formal expressions, but an expressive and vital image expression was characteristic, usually executed in the materials the artists had at hand. The formats were often large and heroic, like the East Coast´s more famous abstract expressionism. The Beat culture (which included artists, writers, musicians and bohemians) was a rebel movement that challenged the expressions of freedom of speech and questioned the values of the American post-war community.

The artworks in this exhibition are on loan from the Wennesland Collection in Kristiansand, the University of Agder and Kristiansand Cathedral School.

Curator: Maria Claussen Havstam. Co-Curatos: Anja Bjørshol og Guro Dyvesveen